There’s more to Jucee that meets the eye. Why not try some of the things below. Jucee – always great taste, great value and GREAT FUN!

Now, we’re always being asked for more great ways you can enjoy Jucee. You just can’t get enough of the fruity taste! So Ozzie has put his thinking cap on and come up with these cool ideas.

Why not try them out next time your mates come round for the ultimate chill-out?

Jucee On A Stick

Get some paper or plastic cups and make up your favourite Jucee flavour using squash or juice. Drop a lolly stick in each cup and freeze until solid. Hey presto – your own portable Jucee lolly!

Jucee Cubes

Add an even bigger fruity taste to your Jucee by making your own Jucee Cubes. Simply make up your favourite Jucee flavour and pour into ice cube trays. Freeze until solid then add to your next glass! Make Jucee even more exciting and mix n’ match different juice with different ice-cubes! (Blackcurrant Jucee with Orange Jucee Cubes anyone?) You might make the next taste sensation!

A Lot Of Jucee Bottle

Jucee all gone? Don’t despair. Until you get some more, there are tons of cool things to do with the empty plastic bottle before it goes off for recycling. Why not:

Jucee Bowling alley

Make your own Jucee bowling alley (the hallway is a great place for this). Simply stack up your empty Jucee bottles, and use a soft ball or a rolled up pair of socks to knock down as many Jucee skittles as you can.

Jucee rocket and Jucee rainmaker

Make a Jucee rocket. Blast off into space by painting your empty bottle and getting busy with the kitchen foil and empty loo rolls. Or why not make a Jucee Rainmaker, because even the garden needs to have its thirst quenched! To conjour up the clouds part-fill your Jucee bottle with some rice from Mum’s cupboard (make sure its raw!), screw on the cap and then turn it upside down to make a loud, rattling noise. Great to annoy Dad when he’s trying to have a sneaky nap!
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